A Veganable Feast Plant-based cooking in the city of light


Hey there ! I’m Debbie, the creator behind A Veganable Feast. 

About me

After many years eating vegetarian, I became very interested in a plant-based diet to take things a step further. So I decided to start eating plant-based in January 2019. My primary motivation was environmental, wanting to reduce my environmental impact in my personal life. 

Root vegetable tart

Having been vegan for a year now, I’ve felt really good, health wise. But that’s partly because I spent months researching it to be well informed so I could make sure I get all that my body needs, nutrient wise. I focus on eating veggie-packed meals, getting plenty of plant-based protein, being careful about my sugar intake, and overall being perceptive to how my body responds to certain foods. 

I am based in Paris, where I’ve lived for the past few years with my husband Pierre. I’ve always been fascinated with France, ever since my first middle school French class. I was sure I’d study abroad, but I never dreamed I’d end up living here permanently. Life abroad pushes you out of your comfort zone in a way that is challenging, but so rewarding. And I love it here, especially the food.

The Seine river in Paris

The recipes I create are inspired by my experience, mostly a mixture of American and French cuisine. Here you’ll find both sweet and savory, but always relatively simple to make. I aim to keep things veggie-forward, seasonal when possible, and plant-based.

Strawberries at the market

Cooking has always been my passion, increasingly so as the years have gone on, so it was only natural that I’d come to find a home here to create and share recipes. If you’ve heard of Ernest Hemingway’s book about life in Paris called A Moveable Feast, you’ll see where the name of the website comes from. Paris is a moveable feast, he wrote, and here I’m making it a veganable one.

I’m so glad you’re here and hope you’ll stay a while and take a look around !

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Thanks for stopping by ! Bon appétit !